Nature has arrived!

The email a few weeks ago said;

“Thank you again for publishing with us. As a thank you to our accepted authors, you are invited to receive a one year complimentary personal subscription to Nature.”

Now the first copy has arrived on my desk.  This may not seem a big deal, but Nature is probably the most prestigious multi-disciplinary science journal in the world – the wave nature of particles, the structure of DNA, nuclear fission and plate tectonics were all first announced in its pages.

And I’m receiving it as an author, on publication in Nature Astronomy of the the first TESS planet discoveries I’ve had a hand in – the TOI-270 system with a Super-Earth and two sub-Neptunes.

I am even more pleased than when offered a coffee mug saying ‘I published in Science” after acceptance of the paper announcing OGLE-2013-BLG-0341.

This is my third Nature paper.  The first was for LHS-1140b.  The second was for KELT-9b and in fact made the cover (see below).

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