Pipeline tips and tricks

I wrote the pipeline to make my life easier, so there are several ways the software helps to keep things efficient and consistent.

Repeat runs

Say you have run PESTphot once, then re-run in order to use a different aperture.  PESTphot will say:
Previous observations used aperture no: n

then request an input with ‘(n)’ just before the cursor.  To use a different aperture number, enter that.  But if you change your mind and want to still use n, press Enter.  The other inputs, COMP magnitude, Ingress/Egress, transit depth, will all appear with the previous values in brackets.  Press Enter to keep those values.


Multiple observations of the same target

If MagPy has been run before for this target, even for a different date (and if the directory structure has been set up as recommended, ie. /target/date/) an INFO.txt file will have been created with parameters such as COMP and list of ensemble stars.  For consistency across runs for the same target, these should be kept the same, so both PESTphot and MagPy will check if there is an existing INFO.txt file for the target.  If so it will check if the current MagPy parameters file (populated on the last MagPy run) has the same target, then ask if this should be over-written with parameters for the target being processed.

Generally if you get;
Current MagPy parameters file has a different target:
Overwrite MagPy parameters? (Y/y for Yes, Enter or anything else for No)

you should enter ‘Y’.  This makes sure that you will not use e.g. the wrong COMP mag in the next MagPy run.


ExoFOP upload

If you are doing TESS work, and uploading files to ExoFOP, you will know that there are many files to be uploaded.  My standard upload set is 12 files.  To do this file by file with the ExoFOP upload facility is very time consuming.  So I have written a script to automate this.  I have not put this script on-line because this is a very specific task.  If you do wish to use this please contact me.

Once (at least) asked questions

  1. Can I put the config file in a location other than ~/bin ?  Yes, but you will have to edit the PESTphot.py file.  Look for the line which assigns the variable homedir (line 541 in V2.4) and change that to you desired location.  This will now be newdir/bin.  If you don’t want the /bin either, edit the next line to remove 'bin'.




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