Pipeline Overview

So you have acquired images of an exoplanet target and you want to produce a lightcurve to see if there is a transit.  Or perhaps the transit is so shallow as to be undetectable by your equipment, but you want to clear the field of NEBs.  If you are working with TESS you will want to produce the full set of files that will enable others to interpret and verify your observations.

The PEST pipeline does all this in the following steps;

1.  Image calibration and reduction using C-Munipack (freeware by David Motl).


2.  Run PESTphot to select ensemble stars, do NEB checks including lightcurves of all neigbouring stars, identify stars with excess scatter/ variability, plate-solve, produce finder charts and reports.











3.  Run MagPy for ensemble photometry.

4.  Complete pre-populated reports to send by email, or for upload

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